Friendship Note Paper:

  • Children learn best when they are immersed in what they are learning.

Theme Ideas:

  • Friendship Note Paper

  • How to Be a Friend to the Earth Note Paper

  • Freedom Note Paper (Write notes to our troops.)

  • Gratitude Note Paper (To write Thank You notes)

  • Fittness Note Paper (I am fit because I...)

  • Children must learn to work together for their own growth and for the good of the group.



  Friendship Note PaperBuilding social skills should be an integral part of the classroom and this focus can  be done in many ways.

    A few ideas are to...  
                      1.  Read stories that illustrate being and choosing good friends
Create classroom
rules together.
                                3.  Notice when children are showing friendly behavior
                                    4.   Work with a partner or in a small group. (Most things
                                       that can be done individually can be done with 
a partner or in a small group.)  


After children have taken part in friendship building activities
they are ready to 
a quotation for the back about
 how to be 

                                        or choose a good friend.

  •                                        *   illustrate  that quotation on the front.   


  •   How to Be a Friend to the Earth.  
     Being a  part of a "sustainable" community must begin at an early age and must
                be an ongoing process. 
  • Some activities might include...
    1. Hearing stories that make children think about their environment.

    2. Making recycling trash a natural activity. 

    3. Recycling paper.

    4. Having a community garden.

    5. Creating recycled art.

    Whether you take a month, three months, or more, when the children are ready,
    have them...

     * develop a quotation  " when I, ________ I am a friend to the earth." for the back.
    * illustrate their quotation on the front. 


             Freedom Note Paper:  This is a meaningful way to have school children write notes to our Troops.

                            Some activities might include..

    1.  Hearing stories about Heroes.
      • Having a Veteren speak to the chass.
      • Learning the geography and  knowing where our troops are fighting.
      • Learning the culture of one of the countries.
      • Adopting the family of a serviceman or woman.                   

                        When the class is ready have each child...
                * develop a quotation about what "freedom means to them"
    * illustrate that quotation on the front.
                     * write a note on their note paper to a service person.
    include a package of notepaper and a pen  so  the person

  •                                   an write back