Friendship Note Paper:
" I liked painting the mural, because 
my group worked as a team, and we 
helped each other." (Kayla)

" The belief that  building strong interpersonal skills  is
crucial  to learning has been supported by Daniel
Goleman's  research in his
Emotional Intelligence
The  Friendship Note Paper
TM  project offers a curriculum
that  facilitates 
 growth in molding social skills,
as well as academic skills, at a young age. It will build a
strong community of learners. "
 (Carla Garrity, psychologist, Author)
Friends are Everywhere! 

"The Friendship Note Paper Project offered an exciting way to integrate math, literacy, social studies, and community building in my kindergarten classroom. It was so affirming to see how children took ownership of the project as young artists, writers and entrepreneurs.  Jane offered invaluable support and kindness throughout the project. Children  designed cards, wrote messages and performed announcements, made posters, counted money, graphed profits, brainstormed next steps, while cooperating in small groups along the way. We ended up using the proceeds from our project to purchase paint and supplies to create a friendship mural with first grade collaborators. We look forward to  seeing how this mural continues to spreat positive messages in our school and inspire future  students over the years. " ( Caroline Robbins, Kdg. teacher, Kunsmiller Creative Arts Academy, Denver)

"We all helped. We all worked
together. "(Xavier)



Kindergarten and 1st grade children at Kunsmiller Creative Arts Academy  recently implemented the Friendship Note Paper Curriculum. They raised money to buy paint from Home Depot to paint a "Friendship Mural" on the outside of their building. (When Home Depot learned what they were doing they gave the paint to the classes.) When I showed up at their class, the children were busy writing thank you notes to Home Depot using their note paper.