Friendship Note Paper:

Children learn best when the curriculum is real and meaningful.


         What is Friendship Note Paper?

                        Friendship Note Paper Is... 

  •   A fundraising project in which children design note paper by developing a quotation about friendship for the back and illustrating their quotation on the front.
  •   A totally integrated curriculum.
  •  A project that involves students deeply.
  •  A project that can be created according to the theme you are working on.
  •  A project that builds academic, business and social skills in a way that is real and meaningful.
  •  A project that addresses the diversity of your students.
  •  A project that connects the school to the community and the community to the school.
  •  A project that children will always remember and a product they will be able to use. 







Unlike selling chocolate and wrapping paper, this curriculum involves the students from start to finish!

Students will...

produce the product.
* package the product in their own factory.
help decide what to do with the profit.
* create advertising.
* take pride in the finished product.
* keep track of the money.
* understand the importance of working together and doing their best.
* celebrate their success.
* find that learning can be fun. 


Friendship Factory ready and open for packaging. 




 Contact: Jane Diamond