Friendship Note Paper:

Fundraiser That Builds a Community of Learners

I hear: I forget.
I see: I remember.
I do: I understand.
-Chinese Proverb-


 Jane Diamond was a kindergarten teacher . Her students always came first, so when  she needed  money to take her class on a field trip and "the powers that be" said there was none, it was one time too many; She  decided that she would never have to ask for money again. Jane was also eager to establish good learning for her young children. The result was the Friendship Note Paper Project Students would design note paper developing a quotation about friendship for the back and creating an illustration about that quotation on the front.. This project grew into a classroom business and fundraising curriculum that would encourage academic, business and social skills in a way that reflected what she had learned in her Master's Degree Program at Regis University in Denver…It would be real, meaningful and fun. It would be something that her students would remember and understand. Seven years later this teacher had not only successfully implemented the Friendship Note Paper curriculum, but she knew the “process" of writing a book first hand. She wasn’t able to do this alone, so she built a team, which included: an amazing illustrator, editor…too many red marks, and someone who helped her through the self-publishing process. When the boxes of the curriculum books arrived, a celebration took place, but now the real work began… Her goal? To get this project going in schoools so other children could have a great learning experience while earning money to purchase things for their classroom, do something positive for their school, undertake a service learning project and save money to start up the project the next year.

              This fundraiser is an integrated curriculum perfect for elementary school-aged children
                         although, if tweaked, it can be successful with older students also.
                 It will work in classrooms, for Homeschoolers, Scouts, teams, Clubs, Non-profits 
                                                        and  for YOU!  
                The Friendship Note Paper project builds academic, business and social skills in a way
                                  that is real, meaningful, memorable and profitable    
                                                                           Jane A. Diamond

Children  must learn how to work together for the their own growth and for the good of the group

Kindergarten children using their Friendship Note Paper to write thank you notes to a business
for a field trip they took .

Jane Diamond